Hello to Our Great Lack of Readers!

So it’s a good thing no one’s reading this because now we get to say whatever we want! Yes, we. There are two of us. Mwahahahahah.

There’s me, Eli, the one who is a big believer in cover buys and libraries. Also, I’m going to warn you now already I get very protective of all my fictional boyfriends, so watch out. I’m really running out of things to say which is quite unusual for me. I’m usually very opinionated about all topics, whether I have a strong opinion on them or not. But a few fun facts about me before Lia gets a turn. Favorite genres: Fantasy & Contemporary (although I do read many other things.) Favorite Authors: Rainbow Rowell, Sarah J. Maas, Colleen Hoover. Favorite Ways of Acquiring Books: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Library, or the local bookstore. And that’s all about me! (For now.)

Hi. (My co-blogger thinks I must put an exclamation point after every sentence. So . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All set. [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]) I’m Lia and welcome to my confessional. When I become anxious my prose is ever-so dense (and according to Eli ‘like a wanna-be Shakespeare) so I hope I shan’t fall in that unrelenting ditch.(Eli: SEE!) I dream of being a famous French chocolatier / author (Like nearly every reader ever. If you’re partial to vanilla, no worries. I won’t be kept up worrying in the wee hours of the morn that you’d steal my stash.) At the moment FANTASY IS MY JAM! Some of my favorites being Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepard, Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge, and the Falling Kingdom Series by Morgan Rhodes. BYE! (Now pretend I said that in 100 different languages…..And act impressed.)

Just in case you guys are wondering, the two of us met in school when Lia was new there and I (Eli) had a feeling she’d be on my bus. I then cut her off in whatever she was saying to ask her if she liked to read. When she replied “Yes.” and we had